Hanson Announce Their Own Beer: “MMMHop,” Obviously

In a seemingly unbelievable announcement, Hanson have apparently decided that the only plausible way to keep up with their rapidly aging fanbase is to create their own IPA: “MMMHop.” Is this real life? posted on

1. The Brewmasters

Hanson are prepping the launch of MMMHop, their own brand of beer. The squeaky-clean pop trio hope to make the brew, an India Pale Ale, available to fans sometime in early 2012.

‘We of course make records, they are fundamental to what we do, but we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience,’ Zac Hanson told reporters at Oxford University Union in Oxford, England on Monday, justifying the new project. ‘What is vital is that Hanson merchandise is quality and not made solely with the purpose of profit.’

‘We have a board game and even a record player to play our last record on, but we will never make dolls, lunch boxes or toothbrushes that play our songs for example. It’s vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do,’ says Hanson. ‘In fact we are soon going to be selling our own beer, I’m not even joking. MMMHop IPA anyone?

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