33 “Teen Wolf” “Facts” As Told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It

My Tumblr dashboard is my Teen Wolf guide. (Inspired by this)

1. First off, they’re all hot.

ID: 1381571

2. Like really hot.

ID: 1381553

4. Which is weird because they’re freshman in high school.

When I was a freshman, everyone was awkward looking.

ID: 1381596

5. And they’re wolves.

ID: 1381601

7. Wolves.

ID: 1381618

8. Even this guy who looks like he’s 32.

ID: 1381622

9. His name is Derek, and he’s an Alpha.

ID: 1376639

10. He’s also very aggressive.

ID: 1381729

11. He used to stalk Scott.

Back when everyone thought he was a bad guy-probably because he stood behind people’s Skype chats.

ID: 1381695

12. And Scott’s boy, Stiles, literally pointed out everyone’s biggest fear during a Skype chat.

When you know you’re alone.

ID: 1381705

13. Scott and Stiles are best friends.

Not like a bromance though. Sigh.

ID: 1376602

14. They’re also best friends In real life too!

ID: 1382306

15. Scott is a teen wolf, but not like the Michael J. Fox kind.

Which is kind of a bummer.

ID: 1376617

16. Stiles doesn’t get to be a teen wolf, just a virgin.

ID: 1376618

17. But, Stiles is the better character anyways, he’s not about that teen wolf life.

Dylan O’Frickme.

ID: 1376599

18. Stiles is really awkwardly funny.

ID: 1381719

19. He speaks to everyone.

Everyone loves Stiles.

ID: 1382258

20. And he’s Derek’s boyfriend.

ID: 1376665

21. Sterek is a very big deal, and if you don’t ship Sterek than no one in the fandom gets you.

ID: 1381515

22. Because they’re like cute friends in real life too.

ID: 1382298

23. Some scenes looks really weird out of context.

I have no idea what’s going on in this scene but I’d like too.

ID: 1381692

24. Oh yeah, none of them like to wear shirts.

ID: 1381651

25. But, no one’s complaining.

ID: 1381659

26. Somebody is hunting all the teen wolves??????

Which is bad because oh no they’re hot!

ID: 1381663

27. And killing all the virgins??????

Oh no, Stiles!

ID: 1381671

28. The twins from Desperate Housewives left Wisteria Lane are in teen wolf land now.

ID: 1381739

29. The entered the show dancing to 80’s music.

I like to believe that’s how they entered the show.

ID: 1381733

30. One of them did a softcore gay porn scene.

I don’t know which one, probably because of the whole twins thing.

ID: 1381741

31. Basically, Teen Wolf is the closest thing MTV can get to porn.

ID: 1381685

32. Again, no one is complaining.

Except maybe those strict suburban moms whose kids aren’t even watching this show anyways.

ID: 1381746

33. Taylor Lautner is not in this show.

ID: 1381752

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