Why You Loved The D.A.R.E. Program

Here’s to remembering the high point of elementary school in honor of National D.A.R.E. Day!

1. Finally being a part of the D.A.R.E program was the highlight of your fifth grade career.

ID: 1044634

2. You had the privilege of being “friends” with an actual cop.

ID: 1040541
Salem Police / Via salem-news.com
ID: 1040612

3. You finally got to rock the shirt you saw all the older kids wear.

ID: 1040600

4. If you were lucky you got extra swag, like this badass backpack.

No drugs in here!

ID: 1040489

5. The best part of your week was D.A.R.E.

ID: 1044674

6. From the workbook:

ID: 1040589

7. To the poems:

ID: 1040352

8. To the essay:

ID: 1040324

9. You never slacked. All because you didn’t want to disappoint this guy.

Daren, the D.A.R.E. mascot.

ID: 1040564

10. And if you worked hard enough, you got to take a pic in front of these tricked out rides:

ID: 1040458

Whose tax money paid for this?!

ID: 1042326

11. You might have collected these sick D.A.R.E. officer trading cards.

ID: 1040437

12. And knew every word to this song:

ID: 1039964

13. In fact, you were even willing to narc on your family.

Submit anonymous tips about your loved ones here.

ID: 1040283

14. And when it came time to pledge, you were the first to raise your hand.

ID: 1040470

15. You accepted that certificate with pride.

ID: 1042495

16. And you couldn’t wait to take your class photo.

(That’s you in the glasses).

ID: 1047203

17. Or finally graduate after all your hard work.

ID: 1040330

18. So congrats on never doing drugs or drinking underage!

ID: 1044749


Sorry Daren.

ID: 1044563

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