11 Reasons Gatsby Is More Like Alien From "Spring Breakers" Than Don Draper

Even though everyone has been comparing Gatsby to Draper, he has far more in common with Alien from Spring Breakers.

1. Gatsby Loves Showing Off His Fancy Shirts

ID: 1152501

Alien Loves Showing Off His Fancy Shirts

ID: 1152555

But Not Don!

Don is “too cool” to care about clothes.

ID: 1152611

2. Gatsby Deals The Drug Of His Day

ID: 1152662

Alien Deals The Drug Of His Day

ID: 1152706

But Not Don!

Don sells something far worse than drugs: consumerist lies

ID: 1152716

3. Gatsby Knows How To Party

ID: 1152736

Alien Knows How To Party

ID: 1152765

But Not Don!

Don doesn’t like parties. Not even on his birthday when Megan surprised him with a Zooby Zooby Zoo!

ID: 1152793

4. Gatsby’s Fake Name Is Based On His Real Name

ID: 1153248

Alien’s Fake Name Is Based On His Real Name

ID: 1152829

But Not Dick’s!

Dick Whitman stole the name of a person he “accidentally” killed. And that person’s name was Don Draper.

ID: 1152916

5. Gatsby Loves Listening To Organ And Piano Music

ID: 1152956

Alien PLAYS The PIANO!!!

ID: 1152960

Don HATES Music!

Remember how he acted like he was getting thrown into Dante’s Inferno because he had to go see the Rolling Stones!??

ID: 1152975

6. Gatsby Believes In True Love

ID: 1152997

Alien Believes In True Love

ID: 1152999

But Not Don!

Don Draper is only capable of loving one person: Don Draper.

ID: 1153003

7. Gatsby Has A Sweet Pool

ID: 1153017

Alien Has A Sweet Pool

ID: 1156806

But Not Don!

Don has to go to the gym to swim

ID: 1153041

8. Gatsby Has A Cool Convertible

ID: 1153051

Alien Has A Cool Convertible

ID: 1153053

Don Drives Convertibles Sometimes…But They’re Always Rentals

ID: 1153072

9. Gatsby Has A Great Smile, “A Smile That Understands You As Far As You Want To Be Understood”

ID: 1153079

Alien Has A Great Smile, A Smile That “Shines Bright Like A Diamond”

ID: 1153086

Don Rarely Smiles

Not even in Hawaii!!!

ID: 1153089

10. Gatsby Stands For Equality, Proudly Wears Pink, And Hates Daisy’s Racist Husband Tom

ID: 1153093

Alien Believes In Equal Opportunity And Gives The Girls Important Jobs

ID: 1153112

Don Is A Sexist. He’ll Always Treat Peggy Like A Glorified Secretary

ID: 1153118

And He Basically Fired Sal Because Sal Wouldn’t “Satisfy” Lucky Strike

ID: 1153123

11. Gatsby Takes A Bullet For Love

ID: 1153145

Alien Takes A Barrage Of Bullets For Love

ID: 1153146

We All Know That Don Is Going To Take The Easy Way Out (Of A Window)

ID: 1153151

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