10 Things "Glee" Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Being part of something special makes you special, so quit hating!

1. “What happened to that show?”

It’s won two Golden Globes, a SAG Award, and has surpassed Elvis for most Hot 100 singles on the charts. That’s what happened.

2. “Didn’t it used to be good?”

Yes. And it still is. Thanks for asking.

3. “Lea Michele is such a diva.”

To quote Beyonce: “Diva is a female version of a hustla.” Compliment accepted.

4. “Naya Rivera is such a diva.”

Fox / Via

See direct Santana quote above.

5. “I liked old Glee, but now it’s boring.”

I guess “boring” means “a true delight” now.

6. “They should’ve canceled the show after Season 3.”

Sorry, can’t hear you over the sound of Chord Overstreet’s abs singing to me.

7. “Do they have to sing so many show tunes?”

Yes. Shut up.

8. “Jane Lynch in the track suit is getting old.”

I’ll be sure to tell her that once she’s done running circles around all the basics in Hollywood.

9. “No one cares about the new New Directions.”

Fox / Via

Then how come most of them were voted on by fans of the Glee spin-off reality show? #peopleschoice

10. “Who still watches Glee?”

Show of hands?




Okay? BYE.

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