Tyler Hoechlin Is The Hottie Dork You’ve Been Waiting For

Science has proven that the Teen Wolf actor is, in fact, made of sunshine and puppies.

1. He’s obviously cuddly.

I seriously can’t decide who I’m more jealous of in this GIF.

ID: 2628097

2. He’s a baseball player.

No, really. As American as apple pie, blue jeans, and hot dudes in uniform.

ID: 2628187

3. His white boy dance moves are on point.

ID: 2628285

Dance like no one’s watching, Tyler.

ID: 2628295

5. He knows what the ladies like.

Photo by Ellen Everett / Via ellensamaphotos.tumblr.com

I understand these women on a deeply spiritual level.

ID: 2628298

6. He’s responsible.

Look at you making smart decisions and setting a good example!

ID: 2629498

7. He supports the Girl Scouts.

My money’s on Thin Mints…

ID: 2628471

8. He went through an awkward phase just like the rest of us.

The WB

Only we didn’t have to do it in public. Thank God.

ID: 2628552

9. He can nail a backflip.


ID: 2628447

10. His rocks the best Blue Steel since Derek Zoolander.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.

ID: 2628672

11. He can make awkward prom photos look good.

I feel the same way, Tyler Posey.

ID: 2628516

12. He digs fan-created work.

You ship Sterek, don’t you, Tyler?

ID: 2628569

13. He looks like this in glasses.

And it’s not fair.

ID: 2628648

14. He supports his co-stars.

You do need to work on your punctuation, though, babe.

ID: 2628698

15. And finally, he just seems like an all-around decent guy.

Four for you, Tyler Coco! You go, Tyler Coco!

ID: 2628588

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