8 Times Fred Armisen Was A Better Woman Than You

Tootsie’s got nothing on him — or, in this case, her!

1. 1. As Candace in Portlandia’s “Feminist Bookstore”

ID: 1569959

2. 2. and Nina in “Cacao Bit”

ID: 1570067

3. 3. As Regine in Saturday Night Live’s “Regine”

ID: 1570109

4. 4. Joy Behar in “The View”

ID: 1568144

5. 5. and Japanese Girlfriend in “J-Pop America Fun Time Now”

ID: 1570265

6. 6. As the Telethon Lady in 30 Rock’s season six episode, “Live From Studio 6H”

ID: 1568104

7. 7. As middle daughter Lady He-dith in Late Night’s “Downton Sixbey”

ID: 1568130

8. 8. As Penny Marshall in a promotion for her book, My Mother Was Nuts

ID: 1570294

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