The 25 Most Annoying Animals In Your Office

The fact that you ended up with all 25 of them at your own place of work is all the proof you will ever need of the senseless cruelty of an unforgiving universe.


This cat is pretty certain that the coffee pot refills itself.

ID: 263826

This is the cat who is super into “Lifehacking” and “Inbox Zero” and he is always like, “I have zero emails in my inbox or whatever” and you are like, “SHUT UP CAT IF I WANT TO HAVE A MILLION EMAILS THAT I FORGOT TO DEAL WITH THEN THAT IS MY RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN.”

ID: 263823

“You know what this email needs?” says this dog. “About 30 exclamation points and a smiley face.”

ID: 263835

The thing that this dog does is that he is literally incapable of not remarking on what you are looking at when he walks past your computer screen. “Oh, Facebook, huh?” “Yes, dude. I am looking at Facebook. Nailed it in one.”

ID: 263824

This cat always seems to be in the middle of printing out his thousand-page autobiography when you desperately want to use the printer.

ID: 263825

This is the face of a cat who “replies all” to literally every single email.

ID: 263827

This dog marks every email “high importance.” You are like, “Really, dog? So what you are suggesting is that we all need to track down Bruce Willis and a team of gritty, deep-core drillers and bustle them onto a rocket ship RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT because you think you noticed a typo in that memo that already went out?”

ID: 263830

This dog is nice and all, but there is something about the 7 million photos of her kids taped to the wall of her cubicle that kind of freaks you out.

ID: 263834

This rabbit has never done a day of work in his life as far as you can tell. He makes twice as much as you do.

ID: 263837

This cat is just following up real quick to make sure that you got that email that she sent you five minutes ago.

ID: 263833

These dogs think that pulling you into 30 meetings a day makes them look like they’re being super productive.

ID: 263836

Here is a rabbit who is always trying to talk to you while you’re in the bathroom stalls.

ID: 263838

There is a 100% chance that this dog will screw up this project.

ID: 263839

This dog likes to welcome all new employees by awkwardly hitting on them.

ID: 263840

This dog has never even seen a humorous email that wasn’t funny enough to forward to the entire office.

ID: 263841

For some reason, this bulldog appears to be convinced that you are his assistant.

ID: 263842

How this dog can be completely unaware of the near-suffocating aromas that emanate from his lunch every day is one of life’s greatest mysteries.

ID: 263843

This kitten is always having EXTREMELY LOUD ARGUMENTS WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND ON THE PHONE. Hey, guess what, kitten? We’re all kind of on her side.

ID: 266325

This Siberian husky cc’s your boss on every email she sends.

ID: 263845

You are pretty sure that this dog has installed some kind of a filter that automatically sends all of your emails to the trash.

ID: 263846

This rabbit is beginning to discover that her first job out of college actually requires, like, work and stuff.

ID: 263844

For some reason known only to him, this cat is always messing with the stuff on your desk.

ID: 263847

Here’s the thing, cat: None of us want to be here. You’re not special, and you’re only making it worse for the rest of us by complaining.

ID: 263850

You will never be able to prove it, but this cat definitely ate half of your sandwich out of the office fridge yesterday.

ID: 263852

This cat is brilliant, funny, a hard-worker, and loved by all. He is by far the most annoying person not just in your office, but in your entire life.

ID: 263832

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