19 Reasons To Be A Good Tipper

The number-one reason to be a good tipper is because it makes you a good person. But these other reasons are pretty good too.

1. So you can pay your respects to Tupac and Biggie.

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2. So you can help out with a great cause.

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3. So you can show off your amazing art.

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ID: 953556
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6. So you can hit on someone without actually having to talk to them.

I feel like the creepiness factor on this one kind of depends a bit on the person, but let’s assume it’s a non-weirdo.

ID: 953568

7. So you can save this poor fish.

ID: 953673

8. So you can show the world what a nerd you are.

And hopefully leave a little something extra because pi is not a very good tip on a $26 meal.

ID: 953683

9. So you can make somebody cry (in a good way).

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10. So you can practice your counterfeiting skills.

ID: 953716

11. So you can give someone this experience.

ID: 953839

12. So you can get super creative with your Lincolns.

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ID: 953943

14. So you can show off your Futurama knowledge.

ID: 953855

15. So you can play a game.

ID: 953889

16. So you can feed the sea monsters.

ID: 954116

17. So you can show off your math skills.

ID: 953980

18. So you can see what it feels like.

ID: 953849

19. So you can cleanse yourself.

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