31 Kids Who Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Meet your future statesmen, poets, inventors, and pioneers. Also, scoundrels.

1. The 12-Year-Old Who Uncovered A Nationwide Doughnut Conspiracy

2. The Kid Who Planned The Perfect Day

3. This Master Of The Non Sequitur

4. This World-Class Practitioner Of The “Meta-Photobomb”

Via Sharps

5. This Precocious Emotional Blackmailer

Written by a young lady to her father after he said he wanted to finish watching the football game before going out to the beach.

6. And This Future Mob Boss

7. The Owner Of This Vehicle

8. The World’s Youngest Emo Poet

9. The Saddest Person In The World

10. This Fashion-Forward Trendsetter

12. The Optimist

13. The Pessimist

14. The Realist

15. This Future Captain Of Industry

Reg Speller / Getty Images

16. The 10-Year-Old Who Disapproves Of The Pernicious Influences Of Vapid Celebrity Culture

18. The Optimistic Logician

19. The Pessimistic Logician

20. This Future Leader Of The Free World

22. This Future Nobel Prize Winner

23. The Literalist

24. The Straight-Talker

26. This Future Teetotaler

27. This 6-Year-Old Pluto Apologist And Future Politician

29. The Master Of The Thank-You Note

30. This Future Best Math Teacher Ever

31. And Gabe Perez

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