23 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Mormon

It’s not just Mitt Romney, you guys. Mormons are everywhere! Here are some of the more well-known ones. posted on

1. Chelsea Handler

Handler was raised by a Mormon mother and a Jewish father.

2. Aaron Eckhart

3. Amy Adams

Amy Adams was raised Mormon, though her family left the church after her parents divorced.

4. Andy Reid

5. Christina Aguilera

Aguilera’s parents apparently met at BYU.

6. David Archuleta

Archuleta described his experience on American Idol as “in a way, a [Mormon] mission.”

7. Eliza Dushku

8. Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight converted to Mormonism as a way of escaping her gambling addiction.

9. Glenn Beck

10. Harry Reid

11. Jewel

Jewel was raised Mormon, but stopped attending church when she was young.

12. Jon Heder

13. Julianne Hough

14. Katherine Heigl

15. Ken Jennings

16. Orson Scott Card

This one’s for the nerds. (And, for the super-nerds, Brandon Sanderson is also Mormon.)

17. Paul Walker

18. Ricky Schroder

19. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr’s first public performances were lecturing to LDS churches in Utah, when she was six.

20. Ryan Gosling

“We were brought up pretty religious. My mother admits it: She says, you were raised by a religious zealot. She’s different now, but at the time, it was a part of everything - what they ate, how they thought.”

21. Todd Heap

22. Wilford Brimley

23. Bonus: Dishwalla!

24. Bonus: Dishwalla!

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