Dumbest Protest Of The Year

An Australian protester named Trenton Oldfield swam into (and essentially ruined) the annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race yesterday to protest “elitism.” He has a website and everything, and it is full of SAT words. The British government has not weighed in yet on whether it will ban elitism as a result of this action.

2. Oldfield’s Blog Is Awesomely Called “Elitism Leads To Tyranny”

A great place for a subtitle. Attention to detail is the mark of an elitist, presumably.

Trenton Oldfield, who attended one of Australia’s most exclusive private schools, has (and I am not making this up) a Master of Science degree in Urbanism from the London School Of Economics. This is his Linked In.


The race, which had reached the halfway point when it was interrupted by Oldfield, was restarted and run again. An Oxford rower collapsed at the finish line from exhaustion and was taken to hospital. Oxford boat club president Karl Hudspith tweeted the following in response to the protest.

And, thanks to Evan in the comments for pointing out this response from Oxford’s 2-Man, William Zeng:

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