17 Of The Most Creative Wedding Invitations Ever

A selection of the most creative wedding invitations the Internet has ever seen. Let’s all get married to each other now!

1. The badass zombie invite.

ID: 909598

2. The highly speculative Obama invite that actually got a response.

ID: 909601

3. The “destroying marriage” invite.

ID: 909605

4. The crazily intricate actual record player invite.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/22306468#.
ID: 909596

5. The awesome, nerdy 8-bit invite.

ID: 909607

6. The glorious stop-motion Vampire Weekend wedding invite.

ID: 909632

7. The beautifully designed multiple invitations for every taste and interest.

ID: 909820

8. The pitch-perfect Wes Anderson-themed Save The Date.

ID: 909630

9. The delightful library-themed invite.

ID: 966210

10. The Amazing Spider-Man invite.

ID: 966222

11. The gloriously cynical Save-The-Date.

ID: 967363

12. The overly honest invitation.

ID: 967815

13. The hidden velociraptor invitation.

ID: 967891

14. “Tales of Matrimony.”

ID: 967897

15. The “Wanted” poster.

ID: 967899

16. The meme response cards.

ID: 968694

17. And the guy whose fiance let him design their wedding invitations to save money.

ID: 909797

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