The 6 Best Things To Collect In 1986 (In The UK)

It has been scientifically proven that the best year to be a kid was 1986*. What did you collect?

*Totally made up

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1. Obviously you were a member of the Weetabix Fan Club so you could get free badges featuring members of the dangerous Weetabix Gang.

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If you were lucky, they’d send you a comic as well.

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“Try this on a titchy breakfast” is one of the greatest recurring catchphrases ever uttered by a rounded wheat rectangle. Coming in a close second is “OK!”

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You tell ‘em, Crunch, Dunk, and Bixie!

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2. If you were sensible, you also collected football stickers for your Panini’s football book.

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Or maybe you just bought them so you could swap them at playtime instead of standing around like a loser with nothing to do.

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A shiny badge is worth two normal stickers. That’s the deal.

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3. Hopefully, you had the Mexico ‘86 sticker book as well.

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Maybe this would be the year England would win the World Cup! LOL.

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4. If you had someone in your family who smoked, you could hang onto the cigarette packet cards as well.

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Failing that, tea cards would do, at a pinch. They weren’t really very useful for much, but they were nice to look at.

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5. Much more useful were your Glo Bugs. I mean, they effing GLOWED, for God’s sake.

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Look at those badasses! What are you smiling at, Glo Spider? Do you know something we don’t?

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Why so bashful, Bashfulbug? Just relax and be yourself, girl.

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Glo Worm knows what’s up. That dude is always smiling. Maybe (frankly) a little bit too much.

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Depending on how much your parents loved you, you could store them in a cupboard, OR you could store those bad boys in a Glo Turtle. That is what’s called living the good life.

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What up, Glo Grannybug? Get on with your bad self.

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6. Or maybe Glo Bugs weren’t your thing. Anyone for some Action Force?

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Who the hell needs articulated limbs when you have your IMAGINATION?

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OK, actually, articulated limbs would have been pretty nice. This is what that would have looked like on The Red Shadow.

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Baron Ironblood.

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Action Force SAS.

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Oh, look. Definitive proof that Cobra Commander was originally Baron Ironblood. Talk about burying the lede.

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The end. What’d I miss? Add yours in the comments!

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