15 Excuses We All Make For Not Taking A Vacation

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1. “I won’t be able to bring my pets with me.”

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2. “I’ve worked too hard to leave my plants for dead.”

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3. “I’m saving all these vacation days for when I really need them.”

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4. “I’ve got this project that I just can’t get away from.”

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5. “Our HR department has super-complicated methods for requesting vacations.”

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6. “And when the boss finds out you’re going to leave, he/she gets really angry.”

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7. “Money and I aren’t really on speaking terms anymore.”

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8. “I don’t have a spare 300 hours to plan my trip.”

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9. “The passport office is a terrifying, horrifying place.”

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10. “Flying makes me nervous.”

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11. “I probably need a new suitcase.”

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12. “The last time I tried relaxing in nature, something horrible happened.”

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13. “I’ll just be lost the entire time because maps and foreign languages are terrifying.”

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14. “No trip is ever as fun as you think it will be.”

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15. “A staycation is practically a vacation.”

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