Why Alex Day’s "Big Girls In Costumes" Video Upset Everyone

The day the Internet blew up.

1. This is Alex Day.

ID: 1275568

2. He’s a Youtuber known as Nerimon.

ID: 1275571

3. He has a lot of followers

ID: 1275608

4. Alex often makes satirical, sarcastic videos.

ID: 1275573

5. On Friday, Alex posted this video.

ID: 1275576

6. In the video, he made a couple comments about how a woman had dressed at a ComiCon-like convention in the UK.

In the video, he stated a number of body-shaming ideas as a means of satire.

ID: 1275578

7. He was not complimentary.

ID: 1275579

8. Soon after he posted it, Youtube went bananas.

ID: 1275585

9. Everyone had an opinion.

Everyone had an opinion.

ID: 1275586

10. Everyone.

ID: 1275589

11. Not just on Youtube. On Tumblr too.

ID: 1275590

12. The people have spoken. Some are understanding….

ID: 1275595

13. And some are less so…

ID: 1275596

14. Either way, he’s a pretty popular Youtuber.

ID: 1275597

15. I guess we’ll have to see if it stays that way.

ID: 1275598

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