5 Corporations Who Want To Censor The Internet

SOPA is a bill currently being pushed through congress that would give the federal government the power to block websites. Who actually wants this abomination of a bill to pass? The answer may surprise you! Help stop this by petitioning on savetheinternet.com


Wow! Who would have guessed that the parent company of good ol’ Fox News would be one of the main proponents of a bill expanding the power of the federal government…


Yet another reason not to buy a PS3… (Let the flame war commence)


You would think the DMCA would satisfy their legal department and wallets. Nope.


Although technically not a company, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) is a group of corporations that have collectively released a statement in support of the bill. Some of its members include Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and Adobe.

The Apple fanboy inside of me died upon receiving this news.

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