The 14 Stages Of Writing A Book

Writers experience a range of emotions when writing the first draft of their novel.

1. Getting an Idea

Oh my god, I have the most brilliant idea for a novel! This is going to be the greatest thing EVER!

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2. Letting the Idea Percolate

I’ll just think about it for a while…

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3. Procrastinating from Actually Doing Any Writing

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4. Deciding Your Don’t Need an Outline

I’ve got it alllll up here. (Taps to brain.)

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5. Day-Dreaming About the Celebrities Who Will Play Your Characters in the Movie Version

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6. (10 Pages Written) Going Back and Rewriting the First Sentence for the Seventeenth Time

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7. (50 Pages Written) Deciding You Should Probably Make an Outline After All

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8. (100 Pages Written) Starting to Get Confused

I’m not so sure about this anymore…

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9. (150 Pages Written) Trying to Explain Your Novel to Your Friend/Agent…and Failing

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10. (250 Pages Written) Starting to Hate Your Novel

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11. (300 Pages Written) Really Hating Your Novel

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12. (325 Pages Written) Forcing Yourself to Finish the Wretched Thing

Come on, keep going…. Just a little further…

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13. Finishing the Novel!

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14. Realizing You Now Need to Revise

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