10 Reasons Why We Have To Have Our Regular Pop Culture Fix

These days, we talk about celebrities on a first name basis. In the name of needing to know everything all the time, where else would you possibly get it other than E! - today’s best source for everything pop culture.

1. Because we need to know how to stay young and beautiful.

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2. Because our families look normal in comparison.

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3. Because fashion trends aren’t going to stay up to date with themselves.

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4. Because playing Guess Who is not just for kids.

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5. Because their problems put our problems into perspective.

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6. Because we would not know this was Lil’ Kim unless somebody told us.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images
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7. Because celebrities are both funnier and more creative than you.

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8. Because our life gets boring sometimes twice a day.

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9. Because we’ve somehow tricked ourselves into believing that celebrities are our friends and family.

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10. Because they live fabulous lives that we live vicariously through.

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