23 Esri #geogeeks On Instagram

Esri is on Instagram @esrigram. Follow us for exclusive Esri leaks, story maps and give-aways. Tag @esrigram in your #geophotos to join the fun. Here’s our first story map of our #geogeek followers. Check out the story map here!

Via esrigram

Ellie in Pismo Beach, CA.

ID: 2944008

2. Bogota, Colombia

Via mfbenitezp

@mfbenitezp shares a beautiful pic of a rainy day in Bogota.

ID: 2944067

3. Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA

Via dalkaveli

@dalkaveli is mapping and charting #onaboat. Thanks to Esri, he’s never lost.

ID: 2944099

4. Kfar Houna Village, Lebanon.

Via mounir_aj

Quaint village. Plenty of Instagram opportunities here.

ID: 2944232

5. San Francisco, CA

Via mfbenitezp

@mfbenitezp takes some really great geophotos.

ID: 2944258

6. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

Via toryw

@toryw proves LA smog is a myth.

ID: 2944266

7. Yucca Valley, CA

Via lord__burns

The culture of California’s deserts are always astounding. Here is Desert Christ Park.

ID: 2944308

8. Hell’s Gate Wilderness, AZ

Via amandastanko

Further proof that Arizona offers much more than you thought.

ID: 2944336

9. San Diego, CA

Via iglesiase

@iglesiase knows the importance of Esri UC and the obligatory photo that proves you were there.

ID: 2944351

10. Budapest, Hungary

Via caseorganic

Esri’s Amber Case, AKA @caseorganic, is all over the map. Kind of like a real-life Carmen Sandiego, minus the red hat.

ID: 2944387

11. Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Via luiiisj

@luiiisj went off-trail to take this epic #geophoto.

ID: 2944404

12. Brisbane, Australia

Via sethgorrie

Somehow @sethgorrie gets an iPad with his NatGeo subscription. We’re jelly. Seriously, though, he’s making a story map of historic Brisbane maps. #mapsonmaps.

ID: 2944422

13. Palm Springs, CA

Via mfbenitezp

At this point esrigram is convinced that @mfbenitezp attends more Esri events than Jack himself. Palm Springs Convention Center, 2014 Esri Dev Summit. #livebythecode

ID: 2944447

14. Dorchester County, MD

Via tomatopurl

See @tomatopurl’s sea level rise story map before you buy a pleasure island in the Chesapeake Bay.

ID: 2944478

15. Indianapolis, IN

Via mcbride52

@mcbride52 wins the #maptat game. Do you have #geoink? Post it to Instagram @esrigram.

ID: 2944499

16. Blue Grotto, Malta

Via mfbenitezp

Once again, @mfbenitezp is one-upping us in international travel.

ID: 2944539

17. Werfenweng, Austria

Via brdfstr

The hills are alive…sorry, couldn’t help it. This scene from the Austrian Alps makes us pine for cool mountain air.

ID: 2944561

18. Luzerne County, PA

Via killerdiesel

Why take the train to Scranton when you can ride your bike on Rails to Trails?

ID: 2944583

19. Melbourne, Australia

Via sethgorrie

@sethgorrie knows how to pick a coffee shop with the right attitude. Clement Coffee in South Melbourne Market.

ID: 2944613

20. Newport Beach, CA

Via kathyldean

@kathyldean told esrigram about all of the great marine life she saw that day…whales and dolphins (but no walruses).

ID: 2944626

21. Plainfield, IN

Via rshafer83

@rschafer83 can see his house from up here.

ID: 2944641

22. Palm Springs, CA

Via cortezeus

Vintage aerial photo of Palm Springs, c.1956. Remote sensing the old fashion way.

ID: 2944650

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