10 Cats With Amazing Dental Hygiene

Cats can be neurotic, anyone who attempts to “own” one are acutely aware of this. Check out these videos of obsessively clean cats flossing their teeth. Imagine what these furballs would accomplish if they had thumbs!

1. Cat Flosses With “Owner” Assistance

2. OCD Tabby Uses Scratching Post as Flosser

3. Flossing or Playing? You Decide

4. Any Port in a Storm

5. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

6. Self-Involved Cat (Aren’t they all?)

This is definitely one of those occasions when the pet and owner resemble each other too much.

7. Cat Teaches Dog about Oral Hygiene

8. What Happens After the Meal of Fancy Feast in a Crystal Goblet

9. Dictator Cat makes Human Floss

10. Don’t Taunt Me Human! Let Me Floss!

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