16 "Zoo Book" Animal Portraits That Will Blow Your Mind

Get ready to have your life changed by a lemur wearing a sports coat. Big thanks to photographer Yago Partal for creating these.

1. The red squirrel wearing a ruffled asymmetrical coat dress.

ID: 1053258

2. The ostrich and his jazzy top hat.

ID: 1053262

3. The bull with a badass shiny jacket.

ID: 1053273

4. The lemur who dares to bare chest hair.

See the rhyming we did?

ID: 1053275

5. And the other lemur who appears to be wearing not one, but two layers of comfy camel.

ID: 1053259

6. The wolf who makes Justin Timberlake consider changing the song to “Suit & Bow tie.”

ID: 1053278

7. The red panda who isn’t afraid of what stripes will do to his figure.

ID: 1053280

8. The polar bear sporting scarf flair.

ID: 1053281

9. The sloth who thinks pink is rad.

ID: 1053282

10. The horned rhino who wants to look sporty on his motorcycle.

ID: 1053286

11. The pig who says “Yes!” to Hawaiian prints.

ID: 1053289

12. The red fox who spiffied up his suit and tie with a little pleather.

ID: 1053291

13. The perfectly put together panda.

ID: 1053302

14. The raccoon who found this vest in your garbage can.

ID: 1053293

15. The tiger who went for an all-American look in all-denim.

ID: 1053303

16. And the thug pug.

ID: 1053296

Need even more fashionable animals in your life? Make sure to check out Yago’s website for the full collection of stunning portraits.

ID: 1053387

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