Which Supreme Court Justice Should You Fantasize About?

We won’t judge you, but they will!

    1. Via amara.com
    1. HBO
      Petyr Baelish
    2. HBO
      Jon Snow
    3. HBO
      Daenerys Targaryen
    1. HBO
    2. HBO
      Sansa Stark
    3. HBO
      Arya Stark
    1. HBO
    2. HBO
      The Hound
    3. HBO
      Olenna Tyrell
    1. Comedy Central / Via whattalking.com
      Judge Fudge
    2. Valerie Macon / Via Getty
      Mike Judge
    3. 44 Blue Productions
      Judge Penny
    1. CBS
      Judge Joe Brown
    2. Paramount Domestic Television
      Judge Judy
    3. Syndicated Productions
      Judge Mathis
    1. Hollywood Pictures
      Judge Dredd
    2. Entertainment Studios
      Judge Cristina
    3. FOX
      Judge Roy Snyder

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