23 Times When Walmart Didn’t Disappoint

Because there’s nothing quite as magical as the people of Walmart.

1. When this woman somehow got glued to a toilet seat.

ID: 1370889

2. When this awesome parking job happened.

ID: 1371002

3. When this sign for fasteners came unfastened.

Oh, the irony.

ID: 1370860

4. When this customer saw clouds for the first time, apparently.

ID: 1370890

5. When some employee thought pumpkins were watermelons.

ID: 1370914

6. And when another employee — maybe the same one! — thought cantaloupes were also watermelons.

ID: 1370967

7. When they erected this awesome ball pit and didn’t let anyone to play in it.

It’s the saddest of times. :(

ID: 1370886

8. When this pair of DTF panties showed up.

ID: 1370922

9. When the entire police force hung out in the parking lot.

ID: 1370891

10. When these style twins came to shop.

ID: 1370919

11. When this cake message was written.


ID: 1370857

12. And when this other equally awesome message graced the shelves.

“And underneath that, I’d like it to read…”

ID: 1371017

13. When this baby straight-up chilled on the checkout belt.

ID: 1370953

14. When this price drop happened.

ID: 1370957

15. Or when these shirts went on sale for their original amount.

ID: 1370986

16. When someone thought baseball and football were the same exact thing.

ID: 1370990

17. When these cookies got a bird decoy to protect them.

ID: 1371067

18. When we met the world’s longest man-tail.

ID: 1370916

19. Followed by the world’s largest skidmark.


ID: 1371068

20. When extreme caution was taken to secure these mop buckets.

ID: 1371074

21. When this mom found a changing room.

ID: 1373772

22. When we met a new kind of bra.

ID: 1373792

23. And when Walter White turned the bathroom into a meth lab.

Well played, Walmart. Who knew you had it in you?

ID: 1371083

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