33 Things People In Los Angeles Absolutely Love

We have certain desires, and those desires include avocado on everything, followed by a brisk hike!

1. Avoiding Hollywood and Highland.

ID: 1356106

2. Packing up a blanket and some boxed wine for an outdoor movie screening.

Cinespia, I love and hate you.

ID: 1356497

3. Really personalized custom license plates.

Oh, haiii, Gaysha!

ID: 1355774

4. Dressing up to go on a hike at Runyon.

Or Griffith, depending on your level of hipster-tude.

ID: 1356273

5. Hiking with your dog off leash in canyons where there are coyotes.

ID: 1357137

6. Tweeting and Facebooking every time it rains, or feel something that MIGHT be an earthquake.

Was that an earthquake?! I think my coffee table shook…

ID: 1355587

7. Spending a week of your life on a juice cleanse, and telling everyone at work about it.

ID: 1356180

8. The incomparable glory that is free samples at Yogurtland.

ID: 1356585

9. Keeping your fridge freshly stocked with avocado, aioli, and kale, in no particular order.

Though in my kitchen, it’s avocado first and always. #avocadoforlife

ID: 1355687

10. Finding a life changing shortcut, and telling everyone about it.

I take Fountain all the way. #humblebrag

ID: 1356171

11. Even if you aren’t on a vegan, raw, or gluten free diet, you like having those as OPTIONS on a menu.

“What are you grateful for today?” — a waiter at Cafe Gratitude right now.

ID: 1355712

12. Hybrid workout classes!

I have a Bar Method membership, and it combines pilates and ballet, what of it?

ID: 1355762

13. We love to talk about wanting to go to the beach, but buy extra SPF instead.

ID: 1356090

15. Year-round scarves and boots.

ID: 1356431

16. Podcasts, in general.

ID: 1356549

17. Checking the Sigalert before leaving work.

ID: 1356473

18. Getting in the car so you can get your fitness on.

ID: 1356513

19. Judging people for whether they prefer KCRW or KPCC.

Also, picking which one is your favorite.

ID: 1356557

20. Complaining about the traffic, while you’re stuck in traffic.

ID: 1356727

21. And the undeniable rush you get from canceling plans, due to traffic.

ID: 1356829

22. Taking weekend road trips to Vegas and Palm Springs.

ID: 1356778

23. Green tea milk boba from Urth Caffe.

ID: 1356845


ID: 1356920

25. Running half marathons and 5Ks.

Like The Color Run!

ID: 1357100

26. Feeling special whenever you go to see a movie in THE DOME.

ID: 1357109

27. And the awesome perk of assigned seating.

ID: 1357302

28. Boutique pet stores.

Like Pussy & Pooch, which includes a diner for doggies called PAWBAR.

ID: 1357148

29. Meeting people who work outside the industry, because it’s like seeing a unicorn.

ID: 1357475

30. Going to The Grove when it’s all gussied up for Christmas.

ID: 1357235

31. Walking around a farmers market and leaving with something organic, fair trade, and way too expensive.

But feeling OK about that, because you’re supporting local business! Or something…

ID: 1357306

32. Driving to wine country! (aka Malibu Wines)

ID: 1357345

33. And seeing this kind of weather every day, and knowing we’ve got it better than anywhere else.

ID: 1357990

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