The 21 Wisest Things Si Robertson Has Ever Said

Uncle Si may be the smartest man in the Robertson clan. That’s a fact, Jack!

1. When he cautioned against mistaking an obese squirrel for a small dog.

ID: 1706106

2. When he realized that the best way to live forever, is to force people to look at you forever:

ID: 1706123

3. When Si taught us all how to REALLY spell “respect.”

ID: 1706133

4. When he reminded us all to slow down and take a nap sometimes.

ID: 1706266

5. But to definitely NOT stop to smell the roses.

They are dangerous!!!

ID: 1707069

6. When he showed us how to embrace our inner player.

ID: 1706154

7. When he proved that no one can outsmart him. No one.

ID: 1706160

8. When he took this firm stance on turkey sandwiches:

ID: 1706214

9. When Si admitted that even he is not perfect, and that is OK.

ID: 1706143

10. When he showed his support for feather boas.

ID: 1706241

11. Actually, just nap more, in general.

ID: 1706229

12. When Si put lasers in their rightful place.

ID: 1706322

13. When he gave Sadie a very important driving lesson.

ID: 1706898

14. When he preached the gospel of TLC.

ID: 1706932

15. And when he demonstrated the power of the Pussycat Dolls.

ID: 1707049

16. When he taught us the most important phrase in the French language.

ID: 1706936

17. When he turned to this saucy pick-up line to win our hearts.

ID: 1706992

18. When he gave this mannequin the respect she deserves.

ID: 1707058

19. When he doled out this medical advice.

ID: 1707268

20. When he admitted his one guilty pleasure.

ID: 1707334

21. And when he basically said that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

And isn’t that the best lesson of all? Thank you, Uncle Si! Love you!

ID: 1707346

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