The 21 Wisest Things Si Robertson Has Ever Said

Uncle Si may be the smartest man in the Robertson clan. That’s a fact, Jack!

1. When he cautioned against mistaking an obese squirrel for a small dog.

2. When he realized that the best way to live forever, is to force people to look at you forever:

3. When Si taught us all how to REALLY spell “respect.”

4. When he reminded us all to slow down and take a nap sometimes.

5. But to definitely NOT stop to smell the roses.

They are dangerous!!!

6. When he showed us how to embrace our inner player.

7. When he proved that no one can outsmart him. No one.

8. When he took this firm stance on turkey sandwiches:

9. When Si admitted that even he is not perfect, and that is OK.

10. When he showed his support for feather boas.

11. Actually, just nap more, in general.

12. When Si put lasers in their rightful place.

13. When he gave Sadie a very important driving lesson.

14. When he preached the gospel of TLC.

15. And when he demonstrated the power of the Pussycat Dolls.

16. When he taught us the most important phrase in the French language.

17. When he turned to this saucy pick-up line to win our hearts.

18. When he gave this mannequin the respect she deserves.


19. When he doled out this medical advice.

20. When he admitted his one guilty pleasure.

21. And when he basically said that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

And isn’t that the best lesson of all? Thank you, Uncle Si! Love you!

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