The Ultimate Jenna Maroney Insult Guide

Jane Krakowski has seventeen ways to take down everyone you know.

1. The insult that challenges you to be a better person.

ID: 845270

2. The candid insult.

ID: 845271

3. The helpful insult.

ID: 845289

4. The scientific insult.

ID: 845292

5. The insult you can say with a smile.

ID: 845294

6. The twofold insult.

ID: 845306

7. The insult that comes from real world experience.

ID: 845313

8. The impossible request insult.

ID: 845319

9. The insult you pull from a place of truthful experience.

ID: 845320

10. The needlessly repetitive insult.

ID: 845322

11. The insult you resort to when nothing else comes to mind.

ID: 845325

12. The authentic insult.

ID: 845326

13. The “Sex and the City” characterization insult.

ID: 845329

14. The hopeful insult.

ID: 845331

15. The observational insult.

ID: 845335

16. The insult that’s too descriptive to not be true.

ID: 845355

17. The insult that almost sounds cute.

ID: 845365

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