The Prosecuting Casey Anthony Drinking Game

Rob Lowe stars in his second Lifetime TV movie event this Saturday. Here’s everything you need to drink your way through it.

Lifetime’s newest tour de film, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, premieres this Saturday, Jan. 19. It also marks Rob Lowe’s second time up to the Made-for-TV-movie bat. With that in mind, let’s play a drinking game! Shall we?

2. If Rob Lowe looks shocked at any point…

Shake your head in a show of solidarity and take a big gulp. (It’ll help make the scandalous details go down.)

3. Anytime someone says the following…

Fill up your cup to prepare for more drinking!

4. If a finger is physically pointed…

Take a sip for each accusatory wag.

6. Every hopeful mention of Caylee still being alive…

Should be followed by raising your glass for an optimistic, desperate sip.

7. Whenever you hear…

Overrule it with two sips of alcohol.

8. If Rob Lowe starts to sound like his character on Parks and Recreation…

Time to take a shot.

9. If anyone in the courtroom makes mean girl eyes…

Growl back as you drink to that.

10. Each time Rob Lowe accepts a challenge…

Match that challenge with a sip ‘o’ your drink.

11. If for no apparent reason Rob has a mustache…

Then you’re accidentally watching Rob’s other Lifetime film, Drew Peterson: Untouchable. Open another bottle of wine and get ready for some manstache fun.

12. Each time Rob Lowe gets jazzed about the trial…

High five the person next to you and take a celebratory swig.

13. If you see Rob Lowe in these glasses…

Finish everything in your cup, because, yes, his sunglasses have a cord.

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