20 Badass Zombie Sightings At Comic-Con

The zombie apocalypse is officially here, and it’s bloody beautiful.

1. Batman and Robin, the zombie slave edition.

ID: 1394704

2. These zombie girls who prove a little blood is the best accessory for all-white outfits.

Erin La Rosa
ID: 1394665

3. These zombies who just broke out of prison.

They were last seen at The Walking Dead booth. Proceed with extreme caution!

ID: 1394662

4. This zombie who just found his lunch.

ID: 1394677

5. This unnervingly spot on cosplay of Warm Bodies.

Nicholas Hoult, is that you!?

ID: 1394678

6. This Walking Dead group who are about to end this walkers reign.

Sorry, hoss, tough luck!

ID: 1394680

7. This walker who’s just figuring out the best moment to eat his parole officer.

ID: 1394668

8. This zombie taking a selfie.

ID: 1394683

9. This couple who both woke up from a nap and need a snack.

ID: 1394689

10. This street walker who kills anyone who jaywalks.

ID: 1394693

11. This zombie prisoner, and the sign next to his head.

ID: 1394699

12. This zombie girl who is totally going to bite her friend if she tries to use that bat.

ID: 1394701

13. These zombies who are about to turn Wonder Woman into Walker Woman.

ID: 1394712

14. The slave Michonne has dutifully trailing behind her.

ID: 1394717

15. These zombie rednecks who are kickin’ it, backwoods style.

ID: 1395556

16. The undead version of Wolverine and Captain America.

ID: 1395557

17. This group of walkers who just want to grab a quick bite from a street vendor.

ID: 1395581

18. The zombie who just wanted to hug it out.

ID: 1395586

19. This vet and his brain-hungry zombie pet.

ID: 1395597

20. This happy zombie family just taking a trip to the grocery store.

What aisle are the brains in?

ID: 1395575

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