The 16 Most Epic Faces Jennifer Lawrence Made On Oscar Night

This lady’s face has range! And we could all learn a thing or two from it.

1. The “I Should’ve Pre-Gamed” Face

ID: 926917

2. “I Don’t Remember Your Name” Face

ID: 926929

3. The “Winning!” Face

ID: 926897

4. The “I’ll Fake Laugh at Your Awful Jokes, Seth” Face

ID: 926912

5. The “She Doesn’t Even Go Here!” Face

ID: 926918

6. The “Is That Bitch Wearing the Same Dress as Me?!” Face

ID: 926920

7. The “Don’t Fuck This Up” Face

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
ID: 927105

8. The “My Blood Sugar Is Getting Dangerously Low” Face

ID: 926934

9. The “You’re Lucky to Be Breathing My Air” Face

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

And she’s absolutely right.

ID: 927107

10. The “Oh Shit, I Thought You Were Dead, but You’re Not!” Face

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
ID: 927112

11. The “This Is The Guy I Want to Set You Up With!!!” Face

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

And girl, we are so down.

ID: 927110

12. The “I Thought You Needed Talent to Get in Here?” Face

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Regarding Kristen Stewart.

ID: 927111

13. “SOON.”

ID: 927415

14. The “Who? Me?!” Face

ID: 927440

And the Fall Before…

ID: 927437

15. “That’s Going To Be An Epic GIF”

ID: 927446

16. “But I Don’t Care, Because I Just Won Best Actress!!!”

Hell yeah you did, babe!

ID: 927451

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