How To Have The Most Wonderful Valentine’s Day Ever

Enjoy all of the chocolate, basically. As told by two Australian women.

1. This is Linda and Mallory, two lovely ladies who have very different plans this Valentine’s Day.

One of those plans is a recipe for sad times, while the other is the happiest day ever. Here’s what we can all learn from them

2. DON’T:

-Don’t stress about not having plans on Valentine’s day. It’s a pretty ridiculous day.
-Definitely don’t make plans that rely on someone else to be fulfilled.

3. DO:

-Stay at home and make absolutely zero plans the day of.
-Celebrate the holiday in the best way possible and make plans for the following day at your local CVS.
-Bring an enormous bag, because you are going shopping! You’ll need it to carry all of that awesome discounted candy.
-Cackle while eating, and know that you are the real winner this Valentine’s Day.

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