The Academy Awards Can’t Tell The Difference Between Salma Hayek And Penelope Cruz

According to this Academy Awards Instagram, they can’t tell the difference between Cruz and Hayek. Update: The original Instagram has been deleted.

1. Penélope Cruz and Robert De Niro presented the awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2014 Oscars.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty

They both looked fabulous.

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2. The Academy celebrated that by tweeting this photo of Cruz and De Niro preparing backstage.

Summer Anne Burton / BuzzFeed / Via Instagram

The original Instagram has been deleted; this is a screenshot of the original post.

ID: 2543965

3. Except they labeled Cruz as “Hayek”… as in, Salma Hayek.

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4. Just to clear things up: Penélope Cruz is on the left, and Salma Hayek is on the right. They are not the same person.

Jason Merritt

Michael Kovac


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