The 8 Types Of "Mad Men" Fan Art

Break out the scotch, because you’ll have a hard time topping these.

1. Hand spun and romantic.

This felt Don Draper is just $19 a pop. That’s a deal, even by 1960s standards!

ID: 836495

Keep Don close to your heart with this brooch!

ID: 836503

Or tell people that you may have some issues with this crocheted sign.

ID: 836510

A cat who loves Mad Men? Seems legit.

ID: 836501

A knit collection of the cast. That is all.

ID: 836223

More hand stitched magic!

ID: 836502

2. Filled with sexual undertones.

Behold the sex eyes.

ID: 836499

This gray fox.

ID: 836230

Harry really looks prime in this fur, no?

ID: 836207

3. Suggesting a different show all together.

Super Mad Men, anyone?

ID: 836218

Honey, I Shrunk the Mad Men!

ID: 836446

Don and the Whale.

ID: 836443

Who’s going to play Batman…?!

ID: 836432

4. Fans who like to play games.

The Dungeons & Dragons edition.

ID: 836220

5. Thought provoking.

Pete is a monster. Or a robot. Either way, agreed.

ID: 836219

Seeing Cooper smile is like watching a unicorn fly over a rainbow.

ID: 836264

Too true.

ID: 836514

6. Homages to awkward “Mad Men” moments.


ID: 836271

Even more awkward.

ID: 836286

Awkward because it’s true.

ID: 836323

7. Chart art!

Bless that intoxicants column.

ID: 836325

A who’s who of sleeping around.

ID: 836343

8. Truthful and, at times, painfully so.

ID: 836440

Now available in low fat!

ID: 836433

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