The 22 Most Important Life Lessons From "RuPaul’s Drag Race"

If you want to be a star, like these queens, then you better get to werq!

22. The world is your catwalk, so just remember this when you’re out there.

Seriously, don’t fuck it up.

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21. Haters gonna hate, but here are the only words you need for them.

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20. Own who you are and celebrate it.

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19. When it comes to your friends, be honest when they look like shit.

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18. When you’re face-to-face with someone less worthy, tell them.

These words also apply to bad dates, your parents, and potential interns.

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17. But if you deem them worthy, people deserve a second chance.

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16. Being aggressive doesn’t make you a bitch, it makes you the gurl with a dry pillow.

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15. When someone wrongs you, walk away from them and don’t ever look back.

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14. The greatest truths in life are the ones your fellow queens are willing to tell you.

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13. Spirituality has nothing to do with church, and everything to do with hair.

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12. Kindness only goes so far, and then it’s time to show your claws.

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11. Excuses are for losers, and winning is for winners, like you!

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10. Throw a little shade when you need to.

Shade is an insult art form though, so don’t just try throwing it around without practice.

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9. It’s important to make a great first impression, so make sure to hold on to your damn weave.

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8. Some people are beyond help, just accept that.

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7. When faced with someone who isn’t tucking hard enough, don’t be afraid to tell them they’re slacking.

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6. Everyone gets drunk and makes out with the wrong guy, sometimes.

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5. Sometimes life isn’t fair, and straight people are straight up crazy.

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4. When there are no words, let your eyes do the talking.

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1. But the one rule you should never, ever forget is YOU BETTA WORK!

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