The 21 Funniest Bro Responses To The "Entourage" Movie

The bros have spoken, and their excitement knows no bounds.

1. The bro who thinks “Entourage” will solve the world’s problems.

ID: 850422

And this awesome exchange with his bro-friend that followed.

ID: 850419

2. The bro who never knew excitement until this moment.

ID: 850424

3. The bro who’s preaching to the choir.

ID: 850442

4. The bro who’s been asking God for this movie miracle to happen.

ID: 850474

5. The bro whose fandom is overflowing.

ID: 850445

6. The bro who thought it was so nice that he’d tweet about it twice.

ID: 850479

7. And the bro who did it thrice.

ID: 850655

This is what “Entourage” taught him, btw.

ID: 850659

8. The bro who’s already planning his fantasy “Entourage” menu.

ID: 850560

9. The bro who got the greatest birthday gift of all time.

ID: 850563

10. The bro who needs more than just one “Entourage” movie.

ID: 850567

11. The bro who’s worried a film version will destroy the “Entourage” franchise.

ID: 850643

12. The lady bro who couldn’t wait to share the news with her bro friends.

ID: 850641

13. The bro who needs to hear the news from Ari’s mouth before he believes.

ID: 850646

14. The bro who finally feels a sense of accomplishment.

ID: 850654

15. The bro who found his spirit animal through “Entourage.”

ID: 850650

16. The bro who knows his followers have been waiting for this announcement too.

ID: 850661

17. The bro who chose this fun quote to express his enthusiasm.

ID: 850647

18. The bro who accidentally hit caps lock.

ID: 850669

19. The bro whose spelling suggests he may have been drinking and tweeting in celebration.

ID: 850671

20. The bro who’s starting to prep for the movie now.

ID: 850449

21. The bro who’s just stating the facts.

ID: 850681

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