The 19 Oddest Things You’ll Encounter While Traveling Through Europe As An American

Get ready for weird signs, mutant Nutella, and bidets for days.

19. Having a bidet in each and every bathroom.

Good luck trying to not take an awesome photo with it.

ID: 1015125

18. English translations that aren’t really in english.

ID: 1015131

17. Warning signs that make absolutely no sense.

Channel your knowledge of James Bond films to decode it.

ID: 1015137

16. Or a sign like this, which will make you question your life choices.

ID: 1015140

15. Living out of a backpack and running out of clean underwear within a week.

ID: 1015524

14. Vending machines that are filled with something called Kinder Surprise eggs.

Side note: These chocolate delights are filled with toys. So, ya know, make sure to chew thoroughly before you choke to death.

ID: 1015144

13. Leisurely meals that last hours, because people in Europe take their sweet foreign time.

ID: 1015529

12. Mutant sized Nutella*.

*Which might be less odd and more awesome, depending on your tolerance for sugar.

ID: 1015145

11. A lack of abundant WiFi and general communication with the outside world.

Good luck updating that Twitter status, friend.

ID: 1015531

10. Trite photo opps that you’d usually laugh at, but instead partake heavily in, like this one.

ID: 1015146

9. And this one.

ID: 1015503

8. An insufficient amount of escalators, which means endless stairs that you’ll painfully have to carry your bags up.

ID: 1015490

7. Strapping all of your cash across your belly in a money belt, for fear of being robbed.

Because no thieves in Europe would dare unbuckle it.

ID: 1015153

6. Showers that always have something weird about them, like lack of a door, for example.

Or lack of a fixture to hang the shower head, as another one.

ID: 1015528

5. A converter adapter that looks like a monster from “Transformers,” so you can plug that hairdryer into the wall.

ID: 1015545

4. Guide books with translations that help you get laid.

ID: 1015511

3. New and exciting flavors of chips that are impossible not to try.

ID: 1015532

2. Public restrooms that are very much in public places.

ID: 1015141

1. And sharing a hostel with someone who lets it all hang out.

ID: 1015142

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