The 14 Best Parts Of Vanilla Ice’s Twitter

To the extreme he rocks a tweet like a vandal. Lights up your page and wax a chump like a candle.

1. He loves ninjas

ID: 882520

Which may be an homage to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles song, “Go Ninja Go”…?

ID: 882516

2. Whatever the reason, he likes to call everyone a ninja, including his boy, Andy Samberg

ID: 881059

3. And these other boys, who are dressed as fabulous swashbucklers

ID: 881060

4. He also doesn’t really understand how Follow Friday works and it’s kind of cute

ID: 881023

5. And sad, sometimes

ID: 881029

6. Vanilla is super thoughtful and constantly wants to know “Sup”

ID: 881024

7. And sometimes he takes pretty artsy photos, like this one of him surrounded by lights and a cardboard cutout of himself

Feels a little meta, too.

ID: 881054

8. Ice is also really good about keeping his fans posted on his day-to-day life

ID: 881028

9. And manages to share amazing snippets of on the fly verses, like this one

ID: 881026

10. Sometimes he posts these types of photos and it’s like looking through a window and seeing how the world will end

ID: 881056

11. Or a photo like this, which simultaneously channels nostalgia and longing

ID: 881062

12. Vanilla’s tweets are also educational without being preachy

ID: 881051

13. And are often self-referential

ID: 881063

14. And did I mention that he loves to take selfies?

ID: 881061

Like, really loves to take them

ID: 882585

Vanilla Ice, he’s just like us!

That time he got the Follow Friday almost right. Almost.

ID: 882584

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