Sygmond The Grey Is The Most Majestic Cat You’ll Ever Gaze Upon

If you’re ready to fall in love, then this is the cat for you.

1. Meet Sygmond The Grey, a truly majestic cat from the northern lands of Legendary Maine.

ID: 1017903

2. When Sygmond runs, it’s more of a gallop.

ID: 1017804

3. And it’s majestic as all fuck.

ID: 1017817

4. You might think that Sygmond The Grey is constantly in a wind tunnel, but you’d be wrong.

ID: 1017856

5. Instead, his very presence creates a sonic blast that churns the air in a beautiful swirl around him.

ID: 1017897

6. Causing each and every moment of his life to be fiercely photogenic.

ID: 1017820

7. Whether he be gazing onto his kingdom from the quiet of a makeshift window.

ID: 1017823

8. Or intimidating subjects into doing his bidding.

ID: 1017822

9. It will always remain a sublime thing to behold.

ID: 1017865

10. Oh, sure, Sygmond’s had his derpier moments.

ID: 1017861

11. And the occasional sourpuss mood.

ID: 1017867

12. But those are rare and quickly vanquished with a swift flick of his luscious tail.

ID: 1017876

13. Because, after all, this is Sygmond The Grey.

ID: 1017872

14. A cat who makes the gorgeous flowers bloom beneath his paw.

ID: 1017877

15. A cat for whom the sun shines, even when it’s well into the evening.

ID: 1017890

16. A cat who dares to grace us all with his regal ubiquity.

ID: 1017884

17. And terrifies lesser beings with his raw allure!

ID: 1017859

18. Hells bells, I’m short of breath from beholding him for this long.

ID: 1017893

19. Can’t breathe.

ID: 1017892

20. My heart has never run so rapidly… Quick! Someone call an ambulance before I…

ID: 1017899

21. Nope. It’s too late. I’ve died of happiness.

Thank you, Sygmond the Grey, the most majestic kitty this world has ever known. And thank you also to this Imgur user for alerting me to his existence.

ID: 1017908

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