Sigourney Weaver’s Love Affair With Cats

Maybe she loves them a little too much.

1. Siggy’s affinity started with Jones the Cat on the set of their film, “Alien,” in 1979.

Purr on, Jones, purr on.

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2. Where many speculated that they were more than just coworkers.

Much, much more than that.

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3. Indeed, some went so far as to label them, “BFFs 4 Ever” and “Kitty Soulmates.”

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4. But those titles didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what they shared.

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5. Or of what Sigourney was beginning to understand as her true cat-loving self.

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6. She entertained friendships with animals other than cats. If you can imagine it.

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7. But each of those fleeting relationships left her with a hollow longing she knew only had one cure.

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8. One adorable and wonderful cure.

So. Fluffy. Must. Hold. It.

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9. Let the truth be known: Sigourney Weaver is one epic cat lady.

We should all be so lucky.

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