32 Signs You’re A Hollywood Assistant

You’re rolling calls while reading this.

1. You’ve been asked to “update a grid” before.

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2. You know that missing a call because you had to use the bathroom isn’t a valid excuse for missing a call.

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3. Your weekend plans include reading scripts and doing coverage.

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4. You know the exact time of day to bring coffee into the writers room.

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5. You get irrationally angry when a client runs late for a meeting, because your boss somehow manages to blame you.

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6. Drinking at work is not weird; it’s how you survive.

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7. And you know exactly how your boss takes their drink, because you have to pour it for them before leaving.

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8. Getting off at 7 p.m. is considered early.

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9. Pilot season is the most exhausting and terrifying of times.

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10. This is how people respond when you tell them your salary:

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11. You’ve stolen food from the kitchen, because the amount you make is a joke.

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12. You’ve done homework for your boss’s kids.

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13. Hearing a simple thanks when you hand a client a bottled water makes your day.

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14. People say horrifying things to your boss over the phone, even though they know you’re listening in.

Doesn’t matter though – assistants aren’t humans. Who cares what they hear?!

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15. You wake up at 3 a.m. in a cold sweat when you realize you forgot to send a dial-in for a 9 a.m. notes call.

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16. You have a love-hate relationship with industry drinks.

In that you LOVE drinking, but HATE networking.

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17. Working through lunch is something you do every damn day, because taking a lunch is frowned upon.

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18. Your boss expects you to remember emails he sent two years ago, because that’s a totally rational request.

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19. Rolling calls is the bane of your existence.

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20. When your non-industry friends bring up an actor or actress this is your response:

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21. You know every route your boss can take to get from work to dinner, and which one has the least traffic.

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22. You judge other assistants who wear suits to the office.

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23. You don’t go see a lot of movies during the year, because you just plan on stealing your boss’s Oscar screeners.

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24. When you hear an intern complain about picking up lunch, this is you:

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25. You have your boss’s credit card, expiration date, and security code memorized.

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26. You fill out a form online at home on a Saturday and start typing your boss’s info before your own.

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27. You know your boss’s schedule so well, you might as well consider it an open relationship at this point.

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28. You’ve had to lie to a client and say that your boss is on another call.

But they really just don’t want to talk to them.

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29. You recognize the same look of misery and despair in someone else and know for certain, they are a Hollywood assistant.

Hello, friend, welcome to my life.

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30. But it’s all worth it, because someday you’ll be promoted and make actual money.

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31. And live in a place where it’s beautiful and sunny year round!

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32. With an assistant of your own to boss around.

Ahhh, Hollywood!

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