28 Signs That Cameron Frye Is Your Spirit Animal

We all want to be Ferris Bueller, but you honestly think you might be getting sick right now.

1. You’re a terrible backseat driver.

ID: 1368468

2. This is what happens anytime your friends want to go outside:

ID: 1368436

3. You say this every day:

ID: 1368486

4. You totally freak out whenever someone else does something nice for you.

ID: 1368426

5. When you look at art, it’s almost as if the art is looking INTO YOUR SOUL!

ID: 1368442

6. You hate pools, in general.

ID: 1368595

7. You wear your emotions on your face.

ID: 1368456

8. And sometimes prefer to speak without words.

Who needs talking when you don’t have to?

ID: 1368527

9. You’re a little bit of a hypochondriac.

ID: 1368518

10. This is your reaction when someone tries to call you:

ID: 1368445

11. And you’ve definitely said this to someone:

ID: 1368464

12. When you go to a sporting event, you’ll be the one with the food.

ID: 1368512

13. Convincing yourself to leave the house is an epic ordeal.

ID: 1368524

14. And you kind of freak out whenever you have to drive anywhere.

ID: 1368496

15. But your friends have figured out what you’re up to, and they’re not having any of it.

ID: 1368519

16. Your best friend is the most important person in the world.

ID: 1368482

17. Because you’re totally adorable together.

ID: 1368585

18. This is how you look when you try to dance.

ID: 1368724

19. And this is what happens when someone cute asks you a question.

ID: 1368746

20. When you’re driving, you make this face:

ID: 1368501

21. And this is how you look when you really want something.

ID: 1368761

22. Your friends often have to stop you from making a huge mistake.

ID: 1368617

23. You have a subtle way of telling people you don’t like them.

ID: 1368594

24. And even though you tend to complain a lot…

ID: 1368474

25. And sometimes get a little nervous about life…

ID: 1368509

26. The truth is that you’re a lot stronger than you look.

ID: 1368503

27. Like, seriously, you’re pretty fucking awesome.

ID: 1368461

28. And your friends would be totally lost without you.

Especially considering you have the coolest shades/hat combo.

ID: 1368927

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