17 Reasons Why People Are Celebrating Marriage Equality In West Hollywood

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act’s recognition, and effectively put an end to California’s Proposition 8 marriage amendment, some in California are starting to celebrate.

1. “I’m just so thrilled that I lived to experience this, and I get to share it with the love of my life.”

Anne Chamberlain, right, has been with her wife, Megan Cavanagh — who you may recognize as Marla Hooch from A League of Their Own — for seven years and three months.

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2. “It’s so much better to spread the love rather than the hate.”

Nia Frances, Gal Bar-el, and Erin Stevens, all 18, sat in front of a coffee shop this morning with their Equality California sign.

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3. “I fought for Stonewall back in 1967… so this is a historic day, and a very wonderful day.”

Peter and Kameron have no current plans to marry, but they said they “like having the option.”

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4. “Our kids can finally have married parents.”

Kelly stands with her partner Candy, and their two kids, Max and Jay.

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5. “We’re moving forward with equality, not just with gays but for humankind in general.”

For Jose, who married his husband in the 2008 window, the ability to marry, “meant commitment, it meant love. It meant just spending my life with the person that I love.”

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6. “In 25 days time we’ll be able to return to doing legal ceremonies both for same gender and opposite gender couples, and we’re just so excited about that news.”

“I’m here because we’re celebrating the two decisions that came out of the Supreme Court today,” said Rev. Dr. Neil G Thomas, after leaving the West Hollywood City Hall.

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7. “We are ecstatic for ourselves and also for this historic day across America.”

Troy Taylor, left, and his husband, Theodor Balo-Taylor, married in Washington, D.C. this past August.

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8. “I don’t have to move to another state, marriage is legal!”

Todd Barnes, the General Manager of The Abbey in West Hollywood, stood under an arch in front of a wedding cake with his best friend, John Barbarotta.

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9. “My dad recently said that there would be a day when gay marriage wasn’t an issue, and this day finally showed up.”

Kayce Brown celebrated with champagne.

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10. “We’ve fought so hard for so long, just for a human right to be voted on.”

India Allen, left, and her partner, Kate Sutherland.

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11. “It’s a great day for same-sex couples in America.”

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12. “My partner and I of 35 years can finally get married, we’ve tentatively set a date for September. So, for my 70th birthday in September, we will get married.”

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13. “I was someone who was on the front lines of trying to take Prop 8 away. I was marching, holding signs, and knocking on doors… It was a lot of pain and struggle, so it’s a very special victory for me, because I fought really hard.”

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14. “It’s exciting, because this country, while we are constantly having so many struggles, shows us that there are still times and moments when people stand up and say this is what’s right.”

Will Hackner.

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15. “It’s awesome, we can get married one day. We wanted to celebrate being together for four years.”

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16. “We thought it would be a nice time to celebrate.”

Mack and Robert have been together nine years, and have been married since 2008.

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17. “I’ve been excited about this moment forever, and it felt like it was never going to come.”

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