21 Problems We Can All Understand

Don’t worry, friends, we’re in this hole together.

1. When your battery is low, but the charger is in the other room.


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2. When you’re about to hit send, and this terrible thing occurs:


ID: 1851035

3. When snack time becomes a veritable Sophie’s Choice.

Via qr.ae


ID: 1851188

4. When one click can change your whole afternoon.


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5. When your delicious cookie gets trapped, like some prisoner, in a glass that doesn’t deserve it.

That glass isn’t good enough for you, cookie friend!

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6. When your computer had ONE JOB, but you tried to give it two.


ID: 1851439

7. When your hair suffers the consequences of your actions.


ID: 1851579

8. When you accidentally hit the wrong key, and now you have to retype your password.


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9. When your precious sleepy time is compromised.


ID: 1851687

10. When the batteries run out in your electric toothbrush, and now you’re at a loss.


ID: 1851782

11. When it’s your birthday, and you wrestle with whether to respond to each person or post a general “THANK YOU” message.


ID: 1854819

12. When you see this, and there’s just nothing you can do about it.

ID: 1854937

13. When your grocery bags refuse to do their one job correctly.

ID: 1854948

14. When this epic disaster happens:

ID: 1854972

15. When you do exactly as told, and are rewarded with frustration.

ID: 1854977

16. When all you wanted was something refreshing, and now you’ll never ever get it.

ID: 1854980

17. THIS.

ID: 1855015

18. THIS.

ID: 1855024


ID: 1855035

20. When you have so much in the fridge, that there’s no room to add your new groceries.


ID: 1854803

21. And when your cereal box betrays you.

ID: 1855042

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