17 People Who Failed So Hard They Almost Won

These people are actually heroes.

1. Whoever was just trying to cook a nice, sensible dinner, and accidentally destroyed it all.

ID: 3288149

2. The girl who thought putting a hand mixer in her hair could be cool.

ID: 3288185

3. The dad who just wanted to give his daughter a big push!

ID: 3288145

4. The kids who tried to perform this trick.

ID: 3288234

5. The girl who tried to shake up her makeup routine.

ID: 3288332

6. The woman who will never see her iPhone again.

ID: 3288238

7. The cat who just found out what a bathtub is.

ID: 3288241

8. The man who deeply regrets his sand decision.

ID: 3288250

9. The woman who really just wanted a better view.

ID: 3288251

10. The guy who just wanted to recapture his youth.

ID: 3288255

11. The poor kid who was supposed to bring out this cake, and ended up face-planting in it.

ID: 3288264

12. The girl who doesn’t know what went wrong with her snowman cookie.

ID: 3288329

13. The woman who REALLY picked the wrong spot to tan.

ID: 3288273

14. These bros, who are just trying to relax under a cannonball.

ID: 3288276

15. This guy, and his friend who’s about to hurl.

ID: 3288288

16. The aspiring basketball star.

ID: 3288295

17. And the baby who really didn’t sign up for this shit.

ID: 3288335

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