25 People Who Are Having A Worse Time At The Airport Than You

Trust me, that long line isn’t so bad.

1. Anyone who tries to ride a luggage cart and totally eats it.

ID: 1334856

2. The baggage handlers who have to deal with checking in this giant gator.

ID: 1334140

3. Anyone trying to carry white powder that is most definitely not cocaine.

ID: 1334160

4. Anyone with multiple kids on leashes.

ID: 1334157

5. Anyone whose “friend” slipped a dildo into their carry-on baggage.

ID: 1334169

6. The dad who’s going to have to rip off each individual sticker, like a million Band-Aids.

ID: 1334218

7. The person whose family blew up their most derpy photo and put it on a giant stick:

ID: 1334175

8. Anyone who’s taking the shuttle for Mr. Dick Cheese.

ID: 1334519

9. And the person who has to walk up to this welcome sign.

ID: 1334866

10. Anyone who has to share a plane with these black widow spiders.

Where’s Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

ID: 1334177

11. Anyone who wants to kiss longer than three minutes.

ID: 1334335

12. The guy who put his hand down his pants and forgot to put up a “No Photography” sign.

ID: 1334348

13. Anyone who doesn’t take worms seriously.

ID: 1334886

14. Anyone who puts their face this close to the conveyor belt.

You know that kids about to get smacked with Samsonite.

ID: 1334337

15. The person picking up someone with the last name Horny.

ID: 1334420

16. Jasmine, who has definitely learned her lesson.

ID: 1334732

17. Anyone who’s so exhausted from traveling that they fall asleep on the floor of a photo booth.

ID: 1334719

18. Any kid who thinks the floor looks like a bed.

ID: 1334485

19. Anyone picking up in the D baggage claim.

ID: 1334487

20. Anyone who decides to eat a meal at the airport.

ID: 1334865

21. Anyone who thinks sitting on the floor will help you haul off that heavy suitcase.

ID: 1334791

22. Anyone whose plane is taken hostage by bees.

ID: 1334903

23. Anyone who has to take their pants off for security reasons.

Brian Reilly / AP

And the people who have to make sure everything is secure, for that matter.

ID: 1334637

24. Or anyone who shows up to the airport without their pants at all.

No pants? A little bit of a problem.

ID: 1334857

25. And Edward Snowden:

ID: 1335045

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