19 People That Shouldn’t Be On Tinder

It’s not possible to swipe left fast enough.

1. Anyone who used any of these stunning pickup lines.

ID: 3281176

2. Afshin and his red pill.

ID: 3280051

3. The guy who will tie dumbbells to his balls AND use Ellen’s queef to win your love.

ID: 3280071

4. The guy who’s probably masturbating outside your window right now.

ID: 3280088

5. The guy whose Game of Thrones pickup line ACTUALLY worked.

ID: 3280147

6. Ryan.

ID: 3280158

7. The couple who is magically PERFECT for each other.

ID: 3280190

8. The Goblin King.

ID: 3280274

9. The guy who took a selfie with some urinals.

ID: 3280421

11. The guy with an average sized dick, give or take a few inches.

ID: 3280507

12. Tristan’s tongue.

ID: 3280437

13. The guy who just wants to show you what’s in the back of his van.

ID: 3281070

14. Adam.

ID: 3281132

15. Batman.

ID: 3281124

16. The man whose profile photo basically says it all.

ID: 3281101

17. The kid who stole his parents phone.

Tinder game is strong.

— JK (@John_Kehoe)
ID: 3281164

18. The guy who still owns CDs, and also stores them on his nips.

Tinder makes Monday nights so much better. Hello David.

— Harriet Newman (@HarrietNewman)
ID: 3281165

19. The gentleman who just wants to offer you a nice place to sit.

Profile Mr Wanker of the night #30daytinder #tinderfail

— Suzanne Nguyen (@StringStory)
ID: 3281184

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