Irrefutable Proof That Justin Timberlake And Guy Fieri Are The Same Person

This conspiracy theory just got a double dose of frosted tips!

1. This is famous singer, and occasional actor, Justin Timberlake.

Dazed and Confused / Via exacteditions.com

But some of you may know him best as the man who ruined your life with “Suit & Tie”.

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2. While this man is restauranteur, chef, and Food Network personality, Guy Fieri.

He’s usually known for making you fatter with shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

ID: 1011309

3. Two celebs who couldn’t be more different.

Peggy Sirota / Via bonappetit.com
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4. Because while one is a suave gentleman, the other is a fat, greasy man-baby.

Scott Brinegar/Food Network

So very, very greasy.

ID: 1011345

5. Until you realize that they’ve both rocked the chin beard with sheer shades look.

Matt Baron /BEImages; Darron Cummings / AP


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6. And proved that blonds look better in black and yellow.

Food Network

It’s just a fact, folks.

ID: 1010747

7. Both men give their toes breathing room with a sensible flip-flop.

Food Network

So does JC Chasez, for that matter.

ID: 1010725

8. And both love flaunting their arm tattoos with a tasteful sleeveless shirt.

Rolling Stone; Jeffrey Boan / AP
ID: 1010754

9. Frosted tips? Please, they know all about those!

Vince Bucci / Getty Images


ID: 1010750

10. When it comes to travel, their preferred method is via golf cart.

ODuran/Fame Pictures
ID: 1010758

11. And when it comes to accessories, it’s a black fedora all the way.

Rob Loud / Getty Images

Know what’s underneath that fedora? (Hint: It’s frosty!)

ID: 1011159

12. Their faces have inspired super creepy cakes.

ID: 1014837

13. They’ve both opened restaurants in New York City!

Those eateries have later, in one way or another, been a bit of a disappointment.

ID: 1010781

14. And they both employ fiery flames as a symbol of the heat they bring to their respective careers.

Perou/Esquire; Food Network
ID: 1011161

15. Each has their own action figure.

RJ Capak / WireImage; Jeff Christensen / AP Photo

Complete with frosted tips.

ID: 1011163

16. And both share the same birth month…

Guy’s bday is January 22, while J.Timb danced out of the womb on the 31st.

ID: 1011268

17. Oddly enough, they also have a “thing” for ketchup.

Paramount Pictures; Food Network

FYI: That’s Justin, and his man thong, in The Love Guru. You’ll never look at your condiments the same way again.

ID: 1011300

18. Guy has his own line of ready-to-microwave pizzas…

ID: 1011306

19. Which is convenient, seeing as we all know how Justin feels about pizza.

ID: 1011303

20. OMG, hold up: Are Justin Timberlake and Guy Fieri the same person leading a double life in order to conquer the food, music, TV and film world?!

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 1011338

21. (!!!)

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 1011339

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