In Celebration Of The Men Of “Girls”

Let’s all ogle the hot men of Girls to honor the show’s third season pickup!

It’s official: Girls has been picked up for a third season! (Even though it just started airing the second season.) Which means that you’ll have another year of ladies living it up on the romantically unforgiving streets of New York.

That being said, it also means another year of the men of Girls in all their wonderful glory.

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1. Like recent addition and regulation hottie Donald Glover…

He’s Hannah’s new love interest.

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Because when he brushes his teeth, he looks like this.

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And when he chills on a stoop, he’ll look at you like this.

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And when he takes off his shirt, his chest will look like this and your mouth will fall open until some nice person drops by and tells you to pull yourself together.

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2. Let’s also pay tribute to Irish-born lad, Chris O’Dowd.

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Because he likes to watch girls be “Girls.”

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And when he watches you get closer with your lady friend, he’ll look on like this.

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He’s also a total gentleman, because he likes to make everyone feel included.

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Plus, this is how he looks in a tux and it’s pretty darn cute.

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3. Then there’s Adam, who is always shirtless and we don’t mind it at all. Not. One. Bit. Bothered.

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And he has some wise moments, insight and overall good advice when he needs to.

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He also knows what’s important in life.

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And when he does wear a shirt, it’s usually for an important reason, like apologizing in a way that makes it impossible not to forgive him.

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Again, though, this is Adam shirtless. Let’s all slowly clap for that.

(Image from GQ: Read their interview with Adam Driver here.)

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4. And there’s also this occasional bonehead, (but in a lovable way), Alex Karpovsky.

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He’s great because he kisses like this.

ID: 837323

Incidentally, he also looks adorable in a suit.

ID: 837391

5. Which leads us to our next man to honor: Christopher Abbott.

ID: 837390

This is how he looks with a beard and it’s everything we could have hoped for. Seriously, don’t ever shave that thing. You look fantastic.

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6. And last up to the men of “Girls” bat is the often-curious gay roommate, Andrew Rannells.

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He’s really attractive and has a wave of shiny Prince Eric hair from “The Little Mermaid.”

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And he’s fun to watch, because he tells it like it is.

ID: 837340

Plus, sometimes he gets sloppy drunk. Like, really drunk. So drunk that he might have sex with you even though he’s gay.

ID: 837332

And this is what Andrew looks like when he makes poor life decisions and his pants are about to fall off and he’s lying on top of you.

ID: 837343

Cheers to more shirtless moments from the men of “Girls” this year! Hooray!

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