How To Use An Uruk-Hai Scimitar From “Lord Of The Rings”

It slices, dices, and can even land you a marriage proposal! There’s nothing this Middle Earth weapon can’t do!

1. Some background:

For those not in The Lord of the Rings know, the Uruk-hai are an advanced breed of orcs in the film and book series. In general, they’re pretty mean, nasty, and wield a sword called a Scimitar. It’s all very badass and terrifying.

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2. Everyone, this is Zoe. Zoe, this is everyone.

Zoe has a super fun blog you all should be following, by the way.

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3. Zoe recently bought an Uruk-Hai Scimitar, because she loves “Lord of the Rings” and is winning at life.

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4. Because she’s not currently in battle mode, she’s found other uses for her new weapon, like making the bed.

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5. And slicing bread.

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6. Reaching peanut butter on this super high shelf.

No more step stools for you!

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7. Making coffee.

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8. Getting the remote.

Likely to watch more Lord of the Rings.

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9. Fetching more toilet paper.

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10. Serving as the groom in her own wedding to…the groom.

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11. And just enjoying that first sip of java before heading out to work.

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An Uruk-hai Scimitar: You’ll never leave home without it!

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