How To Throw The Best “Les Miserables” Themed Oscar Party

We’ve got all the steps you need to have the ultimate Academy Awards party.

Calling all Les Misérables fans: The 2013 Academy Awards are coming up this Sunday, Feb. 24 and your film du jour is up for a lot of awards (eight, to be exact).

So, if you’re hoping to host a soiree because you love the musical, Hugh Jackman, or seeing Anne Hathaway with a pixie cut, we’re here to show you how to get the party started.

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3. The Menu:

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4. Keep it simple and serve the food of French peasants: a loaf of rustic bread and cheese.

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5. Or get your pun on with foods labeled around the film. (Think “What have pie done?” “A cake cart full of love,” and “Jean Valbun.”)

Need a recipe? Try this cream puff recipe as a tasty dessert with the label, “I Dream a Cream Puff.”

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6. The Dress Code:

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7. If you’re going as Jean Valjean…

A prison look is what you need. Think muted colors, shackles around the wrists, and the number “24601” somewhere on your person.

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8. If you’re going as Fantine…

Then you’ll need to think of clothes that would be suitable for a factory girl circa 1820. Chances are you won’t find a long dress that covers your legs, arms and bust, unless you’re near a polygamous compound, so go for something simple without a lot of flair.

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9. If you’d like to dress as Eponine…

This should be pretty simple, congrats! Grab a tank top, a belt with a large buckle, a flowing skirt, and pair all of those things with combat boots and beach hair. That, my friends, is how you rock a street urchin look.

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10. And if you’re going as Inspector Javert…

The most crucial aspects of dressing as your favorite determined authority figure would have to be his knee-high boots, the long coat and sensible top hat. Score any one of those and you’re golden.

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11. The Decor:

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12. Why not pay homage to revolutionary France with red, blue and white decorations?

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13. Or give a nod to the latter half of the “Red and Black” song by decking out your place in those colors.

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14. You can also get crafty and DIY with cut up old T-shirts sewn onto a lace line and hung to look like revolutionary flags.

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15. The Drinks:

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16. Aside from the obvious bottles of French red wine…

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17. You can also pun up your drinks and serve Fantine’s Tu-Beer-culosis, which is just another way of saying straight-up beer.

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18. Or craft a specialty cocktail, like the Cosette-tini.

That fun creation is care of the New Lennox Public Library.

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19. Either way it’s time to celebrate, because…

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